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The Power of Play

Oct 27, 2014 03:09PM ● By Hood Magazine

By Jeremy Brech, Director, Museum of Visual Materials  


Children learn so much from interaction and using their hands. Imaginations soar and motor skills improve when kids create. By giving kids simple items such as building blocks, Legos, arts and crafts they begin to use their imagination more because there isn't a TV or computer screen to stimulate their brains. Educational programs are very important to children at young ages and as they grow older, but the most impactful is what they learn from the people and things around them. Small children notice the simplest things that adults and other children don’t realize they are doing. Things such as using a loud voice, simple facial expressions, or hand movements are all absorbed by children. When adults play, interact, and use their imagination, children will as well.

Interaction with other children is also very important for development. When children interact with other children, they start to develop motor skills at their own rate. Think about when babies first discover themselves in the mirror. They start picking up the fact that this baby mimics them and they start to use more movement and facial expressions. It is very important to allow your children to interact with other kids in a play setting and in a safe environment.

Crafts and creative projects allow kids to use simple things to create masterpieces. Encouraging your kids to use their imaginations through arts and crafts gives them a sense of accomplishment and gives them a higher self-esteem. Being creative isn't just about arts.

Think about when you have read a good book and then a movie comes out. The movie wasn't near as great as the book was. That is because the directors and producers of the movies painted the picture in your mind and gave you their translation of the book. When you read, you use your imagination to write the film in your head. Kids at a later age begin to read more and paint their pictures in their mind as they read. The creativeness starts at a young age, and that is why it is important to read to kids at a young age. When children are young, simple things such as interaction, building blocks, crafts, and reading help children develop creativity. Being around other children and playing with them will also help them develop to become great kids!