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What to Wear in Family Photos

Oct 27, 2014 03:06PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Ann Louisa Photography

By Chelsea Tracy, Personal Stylist,  


Fall is upon us, which means fall family photos are in full swing! (Wow, that’s a mouth fall… I mean full.) Finding the perfect outfits can sometimes be as stressful as finding the right photographer. Don’t let outfit planning overwhelm you! Use these tips for picking out the perfect wardrobe for both you and your family!

  1. Color Scheme – Remember, these photos will be hanging in your home, so make sure to pick out a color scheme that will match your home decor. Whether your home is covered in neutrals or brights, make sure your family photos will blend well with what you already have hanging up.
  2. Coordinating Colors – Gone are the days of everyone wearing white shirts and completely matching. Now, it’s all about a color palette. Choose 2-3 shades that mix well together, and don’t worry if your brown shoes don’t completely match the brown shirt your hubby’s wearing! Good-bye matchy matchy!!
  3. Accessorize – Don’t forget the accessories. Accessories are a way to add some fun to photos! A bold statement necklace for you and a cute hat or bow for the little ones.
  4. Textures are Your Friend – Textures in photographs will add a little more dimension and therefore richness to a photo. Think knit scarf, layered cardigans, or pleated skirt.
  5. Consider Your Background – If you plan on shooting inside against a black background, don’t wear black; same goes for white. Nobody wants a floating head picture.