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Developmentally Appropriate Educational Activities for Infants and Toddlers

Sep 21, 2014 08:56PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Teachers from Lutheran Social Services Southern Hills Infant/ Toddler Enrichment Program  

Ages 0-3 months: “Funny Faces” – Be a mirror to your baby, making the same funny faces that they are while you sing and talk to them.

3-6 months: “Bubble Batting” – Make your own bubbles using about a cup of water and 2-3 tablespoons dish soap and blow them near your baby. Batting at the bubbles and watching them increase hand-eye coordination and help infants develop the ability to follow an object with their eyes.

6-9 months: Tie several colorful scarves together. Stuff them in a cardboard tube, leaving one end out. Watch as your little one pulls out the scarves and encourage them to put them back in.

9-12 months: Put a small piece of paper around the inside of a plastic peanut butter jar. Drop in a few drips of colorful paint and a marble. Seal it tightly and hand it to your little one to shake. Show them their art when you take it out and talk about what a great job they did.

12-18 months: Place a variety of objects such as bells, rice or stones inside plastic containers like food storage containers or cleaned out frosting jars. Ask your little ones to shake the jar and have them guess what is making the sound. As they learn what makes the sounds, you can make two jars with each object type and ask your little one to decide which ones sound alike.

18-24 months: Give your child cotton balls and kitchen tongs. Show them how to pick up the cotton balls and put them in a bowl, then dump and do it again. They can use the tongs to pick up other items as well. This is a great activity for fine motor skill development.

All ages: Never forget to read to your child.

These are also great activities to leave for a babysitter!