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Cool Cold Lunches

06/16/2014 03:48PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Amity Shay Neff

By Amity Shay Neff 

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It's never been so cool to go cold. With these state of the art, stainless steel lunch boxes from PlanetBox (, taking cold lunch from home is a fresh concept. No extra waste, no reheating in the microwave, and no plastics. Individual compartments make it easier than ever before to pack and prepare healthy lunches in a new and fun way that's out of this world.

Pack a picnic with a steadfast favorite like a turkey and cheese sandwich. Add a healthy serving of grapes, carrots, and yogurt. Don't forget the chips with these super tasty sweet potato chips and fruit bunnies as a treat. Compliment with your favorite fruit drink.

A Paleo and gluten free lunch is a breeze and made with ease. Create color with rainbow carrots, celery, and black grapes. Gluten free crackers accompany hummus, ham, and string cheese to pack a powerful punch of protein. Wash down the dark chocolate square with your favorite beverage. 

Pizza? Yes, please! Who doesn't like cold pizza with a crisp salad flavored with avocado and tomatoes? Fresh sliced apples with peanut butter will go perfectly with the cheese and crackers. A squiggly worm treat awaits a happy tummy. Accompany this meal with water in a stainless steel bottle, making this an environmentally pleasing, no reheating home lunch.