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Jun 13, 2014 09:38AM ● By Hood Magazine

Happy Father's Day, Darin!

A very shocked Dad was surprised at Scheels by his children and 'Hood Magazine with a $200 gift card courtesy of Scheels. Darin Larson, thought he was just going to Scheels with a friend to check out some exercise equipment. Little did he know that his two children, Noah and Isabella, with the help of their grandmother, Anne, were waiting for him with a big surprise! 

Here is Noah and Isabella's nomination:

Our Dad is already the best Dad to us and here is why. I am 6 years old and have a little sister named Isabella who is 22 months old and our Dad is raising us alone. Our mommy got sick and went to Heaven when I was 4 and Isabella was 3 months old. Our Dad stepped up and became both mommy and daddy to us . When Isabella was 5 1/2 months old she was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called Langners Cell X Histiocytosis which is treated with chemotherapy. Isabella started chemotherapy on her first birthday. Through all of this our dad has worked full time,taken care of us without complaining,has lots of hugs and smiles for us and makes us feel safe and secure. He has done this while learning to live without not just his wife but his best friend, our mommy.So you see Dad is not just a word to us he is everything to us. Thank you..... Noah (6) Isabella (22 mo) Larson 

Noah Larson, telling us why he loves his Dad.