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Big Sister Brunch

May 02, 2014 12:43PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Ashlee Ferguson, Owner, Queen City Concierge

We are expecting our second child (due May 9, 2014), but our daughter, Ezzie, who is currently 5, was having a hard time with the idea of becoming a big sister. She was reverting back to baby-like tendencies and becoming increasingly more frustrating. So my husband, Amos, and I thought what better way to get her excited about having a sibling than to celebrate it with a party. We dubbed it the Big Sister Brunch and made it a play on the typical baby shower, but instead of having myself (the Mom) as the center of attention, we showered all the attention on Ezzie (the Big Sister).

I started planning about a month ahead of time and used Pinterest for help with party ideas. We knew we wanted to include a gender reveal, games, and special thank you gifts for her friends who came to celebrate. As everyone arrived, they guessed the baby’s gender and pinned either a mustache or a pair of lips on their shirt depending on the guess.

We encouraged everyone to eat since we had plenty of food and activities for the kids. The kids played two games. For the first game, the kids paired up and, using paper streamers and clothespins, they had to make diapers on each other. They were hesitant at first, but once it became a competition, they were all in. For the second game, we had the kids put small balloons in their shirts, and they had to race with ping-pong balls between their knees and drop the ping-pong balls into a cup on the other side of the room. This was probably my favorite part because the kids were so into the game, and it was fun to watch.

After the craziness of the games, the kids sat around a table and decorated onesies with fabric markers. As they finished the onesies, we displayed them on ribbon hung by clothespins for everyone to view.

For our big finish, we gathered everyone around the table, and Ezzie ate the first cupcake, which had pink or blue frosting in the center to reveal the baby’s gender. It was a boy! We then let the kids fill goodie bags at our pink and blue candy bar to take home. Ezzie felt so special to see how happy her friends and family were for her that day. Every other concern of hers seemed to disappear, and now she is eagerly waiting the baby's arrival.

My advice for others planning a baby shower is not to overthink a theme. Remember it's about celebrating the life growing inside you and all the special moments you will share with him or her in the future.