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5 Secrets to Throwing a Child’s Birthday Party That Even the Adults Will Enjoy!

Apr 29, 2014 10:14AM ● By Hood Magazine

By Ashley Thompson 


1. Choose a venue that your adult friends would choose to hang out in even if they did not have their kids along. A home, private event space, park, or hotel can be great options that don't scream "insert overused annoying kids place here."


2. Consider the adults when planning the menu. Choosing some adult-geared drinks and appetizers will be a welcome treat for parents who have overdosed on grape soda and cheese pizza at other kids' parties.


3. Plan activities for the children that do not require much help or supervision from their parents. This can be a time for the kids to have fun, and their parents can have some much-needed relaxation!


4. Relax the agenda. Most kids are thrilled to just hang out with their friends at their party. They don't need to be sent from one structured activity to the next. Let loose and everyone will have a great time.


5. Have fun! The easiest way to ensure your friends have fun is for you to have fun!