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Corn Dog Twinkies

Apr 21, 2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Ann Louisa Photography

Listen while Addie Graham-Kramer, owner of The Event Company - Sioux Falls, SD instructs her birthday boy on how to make a mock corn dogs out of Twinkies and frosting! 

What you will need: 
  • 1 box of Twinkies
  • 10 long lollipop sticks 
  • red frosting in decorator's bag with small circle tip (ketchup)
  • yellow frosting in decorator's bag with small circle tip (mustard)

1. Remove the wrapper from each of the Twinkies. 

2. Place one lollipop stick in one end of the Twinkie in the center and push it about 3/4 of the way through. Be sure to not puncture the other end. This should now resemble a corn dog on a stick. 

3. With the decorator bag filled with red frosting, squeeze the frosting bag to make squiggles of "ketchup" on the top of the corn dog. 

4. Repeat the same motion but with the yellow "mustard" frosting. 

5. Let the "corn dogs" sit for a few minutes to allow the frosting to firm up. 

6. Enjoy!  

Corn Dog Twinkies!