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Ultimate ABC List of Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Apr 19, 2014 05:40PM ● By Hood Magazine
By Kara Weber, Creative/Events Director 


A Animals – Decorate with stuffed animals, and use Zoo Pals plates. Put an animal cracker on top of each cupcake.

B Bowling – Take a group of kids bowling, and eat the cake and open presents while you are there. Entertainment is taken care of, and it is not at your house.

C Camp-out Party – You don’t have to travel to a campsite to have this party. Put up some tents in the backyard and roast s’mores in a fire pit, and you will have some happy birthday campers.

D Dinosaur Party – Make fossil cookies by stamping toy dinosaur footprints into sugar cookie dough. Add rows of paper spikes to plain party hats or balloons to make instant dino-themed decorations.

E Eating Party – We mean a Master Chef Jr. or Cake Boss challenge party where the activity is actually cooking, mixing, and baking the food they will get to eat. Cakes, pizza, cookies, apple pie, beef wellington…OK, maybe not beef wellington, but kitchen creation parties can be a tasty and entertaining idea.

F Fairy Princess Party – Make cookie wands with star sugar cookies baked around a chopstick that they can decorate themselves. Decorate cardboard fairy wings or crowns to wear.

G Game Show Party – Minute to Win it, Family Game Night, and Win Lose or Draw are all popular game shows that kids watch these days and will also make easy theme party ideas. Minute to Win It ideas are all over on Pinterest, and you can do your own version of the new Win Lose or Draw with a tablet hooked up to your TV screen.

H Hotel Party – Rent a hotel room with a fun pool, grab some pizza, and you have the makings for fun time with little entertainment planning on the part of parents.

I Ice Cream Party – Imagine making the longest ice cream sundae ever with every topping imaginable. I am talking a rain gutter with end caps lined with plastic wrap or tin foil to hold this long sundae awesomeness. It will be something your child will never forget!

J Jumping Party – Sometimes just renting a simple bouncy house for the backyard can be all the entertainment you need for a bunch of birthday party guests.

K Kindness as in “Random Acts of Kindness” – Honor your special day by running around town performing a different random act of kindness for every year you are old, like taping microwave popcorn with a fun note to a Redbox machine for whoever comes along next. You can find tons of other R.A.K. ideas on Pinterest.

L Lego Building Party – Buy square, yellow plates and add your own Lego Man face with a marker. Stuff an empty Kleenex box with candy and prizes and cover it with paper streamers. Add six paper circles to the top to make your own easy Lego brick piñata.

M Mad Scientist Party – Set up multiple simple experiments and lead scientists through amazing discoveries.

N Neon Glow Party Buy some black lights and neon party supplies to have a fun party that glows in the dark. Have guests wear bright colors

O Outdoor Adventure Party – Take a trip to a state park or to the Outdoor Campus. Decorate your own water bottles. Go for a nature hike where explorers have to accomplish certain group challenges along the way. Go on a scavenger hunt, or just explore the great outdoors and take research photos of what you find. Have a picnic packed and ready to go. Don’t forget to include beef jerky and trail mix.

P Pop Star Party – Just bust out the karaoke music and dress up like rock stars. Or take it one step further with emphasis on “pop” – popcorn, pop, pop rocks, and popsicles!

Q Queen of the Spa Party – Manicures, pedicures, facials. Don’t forget the cucumbers for their eyes and the special dollar store flip flops to keep their toenails from getting smudged.

R Rainbow Party – Explore colors with finger painting and colored water mixing. Decorations are a snap, plates one color, napkins another, cups another, silverware another. Make cupcakes with different colors of frosting and arrange them in an arch to make an easy rainbow cake.

S Star Wars – Find some pool noodles and cut them in half. Add duct tape to create a light saber handle. Draw storm trooper faces on white balloons and have the kids attack them with their light sabers.

T Tie-Dye Party – Have your buckets of dye and clothesline up outside and ready to go. Show the tweens/teens a few online video tutorials and let them loose with the rubber bands to create their own designs. Provide a white shirt, but invite them to bring socks or a pillowcase from home to keep the dye fun from dying.

U Upcycled Art Party – Save up all your cardboard boxes and oatmeal containers and unleash your child and your child’s friend’s creativity. Provide them with low temp glue guns, scissors, yarn, google eyes, and feathers and see what they come up with. There are no rules, just creative fun.

V Video Scavenger Hunt Party – Great for smaller tween party. Toss the kids in the car and give them clues as to where you will be going. Have them guess before you drive. Stop by some of their favorite places, and have them complete various challenges. Capture it all on video and you will have a memory to last a lifetime.

W Water Fight – What better way to get that energy out with a great backyard/neighborhood water fight. Have plenty of water balloons ready!

X X-men or Superhero Theme Party – Use a pillowcase and safety pins to make your own superhero capes for those who attend. Use fabric makers to decorate them, and when kids get done fighting crime at the party they will also have a keepsake pillowcase to take home.

Y Yoshi or Mario Party – A simple square box wrapped in yellow wrapping paper with a giant question mark on it will make an easy piñata. Star-shaped cookies or sandwiches add a star power touch. Stretch spiraled green streamers from floor to ceiling and attach a few paper leaves to create the look of Mario’s climbing vines.

Z zzzz Sleepover Party – Movies, popcorn, pizza, and sleeping bags. Done!

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