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5 Secrets to Throwing a Couples Baby Shower That Even the Men Will Enjoy

Apr 19, 2014 04:29PM ● By Hood Magazine

By Ashley Thompson

1. Absolutely no tasting baby food games or smelling diapers with melted candy bars. Choose shower games that everyone will enjoy. Consider Mad Libs specific to the parents-to-be or baby-themed Pictionary.


2. Solicit advice from the father-to-be on what his friends like to drink and eat. This is probably not the best time to serve nothing but tea and crumpets to your guests.


3. Have activities to keep kids busy so their parents can relax and enjoy themselves. If inviting couples, you should assume their kids will probably join them so that they can both attend the party. Set up a kids craft station to make toy blocks for the baby's room or have a few games for them to play on their own.


4. Consider the theme. A back yard BBQ or a "Mad Men" styled salute can offer great opportunities to help the guys in the group feel welcome to something that historically has been all about the women.


5. Most importantly – honor the mom-to-be! What the father-to-be wants most is for the mom-to-be to feel pampered and honored while preparing for their precious baby to enter the world. Treat her like a queen and everyone will be glad they came!