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Birthday Party Ideas

Apr 19, 2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Serendipitous Events by Jessica

By Stephanie Spaan, Excel Achievement Center

Whether your child is young or old, themed birthday parties are always a great hit!  And, the best part is that for a very minimal fee, parent can order entire themed kits online—some kits are even free! Here are a few fun theme ideas and websites to help make your child’s birthday party one that they’ll remember for a very long time!

Younger Children

Cowboy theme

With cowboy hats only costing a dollar at The Dollar Store, every child can be given their own hat as they enter. Children will play games like “cattle drive”, “bronco relay” and “stick a star on the sheriff.”  Finger lickin’ foods include: sarsaparilla (rootbeer), fried chicken, corn, and don’t forget those beans! Hang a sign that says “Chow Wagon” by the food and call the kiddos over by banging a pan with a spoon. 

Pirates and Princesses

Have children come to the party dressed for the part. Games such as wizard tag, jelly bean races, and building mazes with large blocks are all part of the fun. Go on a “fairy walk” or “treasure hunt” to find hidden treasures in the yard.  Have the children make their own magical houses with graham crackers, frosting, and lots of candy, or simply serve licorice wands and rice crispy crystal balls with a magic treat inside.

Scooby Doo Mystery Party

Play drop the Scooby snack in the jar or have a gelatin eating contest by placing a bowl of Jell-o in front of each child.  Tell them they have to eat like Scooby does…no hands! Have the kiddos wrap each other like mummies using toilet tissue and have them run a relay race…may the best mummy win! Children can write secret messages with white crayons on paper and then paint over them with water  colors to reveal their secret message. Serve Scooby Dogs in a blanket (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls), puppy chow, and satisfying punch for slurping!


Older Children

My favorite theme for older children and teens is a Murder Mystery Party. There are many different websites out there, but my favorite is Your teen will begin by sending out the invitations that are provided in the kit to his/her guests.  Each guest will come dressed for the part!  The kit instructs you how to decorate, gives all materials and scripts for the party, and gives you menu choices that can be very elaborate or quite simple.