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Mommy Gets Fit: Two Month Check-In

Mar 29, 2014 12:41PM ● By Hood Magazine

A great side by side comparison of how far Charie has come!

By James Lemke, owner of Lemke's Fitness and Training Co. - Hartford, SD 

In the last month, Charie has lost another 16 pounds of fat! She has put on 7 pounds of lean muscle and lost about 10 inches on the measurements we take!

In total she is down 23.8 pounds. She has lost 7.17% body fat and during this process has put on 8.5 pounds of lean mass! All in all, she has lost 32.3 pounds of fat off of her body!

I encourage you to look up what 5 lbs. of fat looks like compared to 5 pounds of muscle. I know everybody wants to lost 30 pounds in 20 days with the next greatest pill or shake system. These are real life results with a very real person with very real things going on in life.

Congratulations, Charie!