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Unique Christmas Ideas for Kids

Nov 01, 2013 11:57AM ● By Anonymous

By Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education at Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Does coming up with a new and exciting gift idea for the kids in your life take the merry right out of your Christmas season? If so, maybe some of the ideas that follow from the Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota blog might help you choose a fun and memorable present.

  • Create an activity pack for something you could do together. Fill a cute bag with nail polish, remover, cotton balls, nail art pens, design ideas, and a certificate for an “at home manicure” with you. A fishing pole and tackle box go great with a certificate for a trip to the pond.
  • Buy tickets or season passes for a zoo, museum, amusement park or other activity. If you want something for them to unwrap include a small toy related to the activity or a snack pack.
  • Put a small dry erase board and non-toxic dry erase markers in an inexpensive backpack or tote.  You can include a cute sock to erase with and even flashcards or a book on how to draw or create cartoons. Preschool students might use letter or number flashcards to practice writing. Older students might have fun with harder math problems. Even without a book or cards, kids love writing and wiping off!
  • Create a “bike wash” set with a small bucket, rags, cleaning solution and even a toothbrush for detail work. You can even add a sprayer nozzle for the hose.
  • Pick up a magnifying glass and small items like shells and rocks for the child to look at. A small blank page journal for drawing their discoveries stimulates learning and fun.
  • Create opportunities for pretend play.  Pack up some colorful socks, yarn, fabric and google eyes and a tension  curtain rod to go in a doorway. Hanging the fabric on the curtain rod creates a movable puppet theater for the sock puppets they make.  You could create an “under the table fort” kit with binder clips, blankets and pillows.  Adding a flashlight makes for fun adventures.
  • Create a craft kit with paints and markers and special papers. Other good options would be yarn and a book on knitting or embroidery floss and a print out of friendship bracelet instructions.
  • A baking kit could include ingredients, baking sheets, whisks, aprons, hot pads, etc. as well as a printed recipe or cookbook. This need not be expensive. Even a dollar store has baking sheets and utensils.
  • Pack up a flashlight or desk lamp and print some shadow hand puppet ideas like: Kids love flashlights! Join the kids for some creative fun!
  • Purchase inexpensive musical instruments such as maracas or tambourines. Kids love percussion instruments. Add a dancing ribbon or play microphone for a band.
  • Even though it is cold, remember to consider outdoor activities like bubbles, kites, balls, hula hoops etc for gifts. They bring a smile and a reminder that spring will come.
  • Magazine subscriptions are a gift that last all year and again you can add a more “touchable” item to wrap up like a small stuffed animal or toy that fits with the magazine topic. Even a fun set of pens or reading light would be good additions to go with a magazine subscription.