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Freezer Paper Custom Designed T-Shirts

Oct 25, 2013 08:39PM ● By Anonymous

By Kara Weber, Creative Ideas Director

"I don’t know what to get (insert name here) for Christmas, but I know they like (insert activity, book, game, object, movie or character here)!” If you can fill in the blanks for this question, you can make this person on your list a totally custom, quality-looking, printed T-shirt with his or her favorite theme.


Freezer paper stenciling is a great way to make a screen print type look for a T-shirt with any quote or object you would like on it. Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Lego, Star Wars, super heroes, football teams, or family names, you name it and you can put it on a T-shirt.


What you need:

Tulip (Soft) fabric paint and sponge brush

Freezer paper

Exacto or craft knife




1.    Pick out a theme for your shirt. Use the computer to print off your graphic or lettering of choice. You can search for images online. You are looking for a single, solid color graphic. While you can do very detailed things with freezer paper stenciling, it is best to start out with more simple shapes.

2.    Trace your image onto your freezer paper. Putting it in a window so you can see through it might help.

3.    Using the craft knife, cut out your stencil onto the freezer paper. Remember to save any interior pieces you might need to complete your stencil like the inside of letters.

4.    Arrange your freezer paper shiny side down onto your t-shirt. Once pieces are where you want them use an iron to iron them in place onto the t-shirt. The iron’s heat melts the wax on the freezer paper and your stencil sticks to the shirt, creating a more leak proof bond than a plain stencil.

5.    Next make sure you have something inside your shirt so the paint won’t soak through to the other side. Take your sponge brush and soft fabric paint with a stamping (not spreading) motion to cover your stencil. You will want enough paint to cover, but don’t put it on thick to soak.

6.    Next you can either wait the amount of time suggested for the paint to dry or, if you are impatient like me, get out your blow dryer and dry it quickly.

7.    Make sure it is completely dry, and then pull off your stencil to see your masterpiece.