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A MAD Halloween Party Idea

Sep 24, 2013 06:56PM ● By Brian O

A MAD Halloween Party Idea!

By: Kara Weber, Creative Ideas Director

AHHHH!!!! So you are on the committee to plan, or are in charge of your child’s fall classroom party this year. Fear not! Here is a MAD station idea that is craft project, science experiment, and drink all in one, plus your costume idea will be covered as well.

Set the Scene: You are a Mad Scientist and you are going to teach the classroom kids how to make their party drink of “pumpkin juice”, with a surprising result!

Your Costume: Mad Scientist! Go for messy hair, the bigger the better, hair spray is a must. Wear a long sleeved white button down shirt with a front pocket, pocket protector optional, over a base of a t-shirt, and choice and pants. Suspenders can add a fun touch. Time to accessorize! Add in some safety goggles or safety glasses. We just grabbed the safety goggles from my husband’s tool stash.

Craft/ Drink Supplies and Directions: Small bottles of water with the label removed.  Black sticky back foam cut into triangles and half moon shapes.  Instruct students to choose one half moon and three triangle shapes and stick them to their water bottles so that they form eyes, nose and mouth of a pumpkin. Have a container of powdered Tang, or Orange Kool-Aid ready for mixing into bottles. Have a funnel handy.

Secret Experiment: On a small scale tell the kids you are going to show them how to make turn their water into pumpkin juice.  When in reality you are going to mix a small container of a few drops of orange food coloring, covered by a Table spoon or two of Baking Soda (you call drink mix) and add in some Vinegar for water. Use a small clear glass container like a salt and pepper shaker with the lid removed to look like a science beaker, and place it in a aluminum baking pan. Play it cool, like you are just going to mix the drink to show them how, and “FIIIZZZZZZZ” your cup will be running over with an orange colored chemical reaction. Opps! Maybe you need More Vinegar “FIZZZZZ” this will be followed by wide eyed children who just saw you make a mistake and a mess! MAD FUN!

Finish Up: Explain that you used the wrong ingredients, and get ready to make your drinks the right way. Let them use a spoon and funnel to put their own (non reactive) drink mix into their bottles, put the lids back on and shake. You may need to let them take a sip of water to make room for the drink mix. Then they will have a festive fall orange drink with a jack-o-lantern face ready to go for snack time!