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A Home for Austin

Sep 24, 2013 04:28PM ● By Anonymous


This is Austin. Please look closely. Yes, he is missing all four of his limbs. He lives in our community.

Austin just finished kindergarten at Tea Elementary School in Tea, SD, (a few miles south of Sioux Falls, SD.) He was born a healthy little boy, however, complications from meningitis caused doctors to remove all four of his limbs in order to save his young life. This is where his story begins.

Austin is a typical student in many aspects although he has a different way to do many things that the other kids take for granted. Kicking a ball, rolling dice, and simply raising his hand in class are all daily challenges for Austin. Through the use of his electric wheelchair and prosthetic legs Austin is gaining independence at school, but at home it is not as easy.

Austin lives with his mom, Heather, and older brother, Chance, in a two story town home. Austin is unable to use his wheelchair to move freely in his own home. He must be carried up the steps by either his mom or his brother and is not able to get his own snacks because his current home is not handicapped accessible.Together with our community we want to help change that.

Heather has a dream of having a home where Austin can be as independent as possible. A Home for Austin has set a $150,000 goal in order to help this family do that. However, it is hard for her to reach that goal alone.

Austin is a unique little boy with an amazing story that touches your heart immediately and makes you want to help!  

More information can be found on our Facebook page
Our small community of Tea, with a population of 4,500, has pulled together to generate funds, some building materials and some labor for Austin and his family. Over the past year, we have raised over $12,000 in The Austin Fund at Reliabank (PO Box 550, Tea, SD 57064) however; the goal of $150,000 is still long off.

We would be appreciative of any help you may choose to give to Austin’s cause.

Holly Peterson
Tracy Schmidt

Tea Area Elementary Teachers & A Home for Austin Believers

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