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The Hood Magazine

KSFY Morning Show-September

Sep 10, 2013 07:48AM ● By Anonymous

KSFY Morning Show with the Jerzak family

 Talking to your kids isn't always easy, especially when there is bad news to deliver. Steff Liston-Holtrop is the Publisher for Hood Magazine. In this month's issue, the magazine features a number of different families and how they are dealing with tough circumstances. The articles go over everything  from the death of a pet to getting deployed. The Jerzak family is one of the featured families. 3 years ago Leigh was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She said her and her husband had a good discussion about how they would tell their 3 kids. Leigh said that it was hard to tell her kids who were 14, 12, and 3 at the time that she would have to start treatment. Leigh says that her middle daughter Blake had a hard time with the diagnosis initially, but was able to speak with a school counselor to work through some of her feelings and fears. Sanford Licensed Psychologist, Chronic Disease Dr. Susan Eleeson says that having your kids talk about their feelings is essential. Dr. Eleeson says that having a strong support system especially for teenagers helps them cope with the news. To read more about the Jerzak family's journey and for advice as to how to talk to your kids about tough issues, you can check out this month's issue of Hood Magazine which is on store shelves now.