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Create a Distraction-Free Homework Station

Aug 26, 2013 08:54PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Kara Weber

Distraction-Free Homework Station 


By Kara Weber

One way you can help your child with homework is setting up a special homework space.” We know you have heard that one before, but what can a family do if it works best for kids to do their homework near a parent, in the common family areas of the house like the kitchen table? Here is an easy way to create a distraction free work-space that they will love.

First you will need a tri-fold cardboard display. We got ours in the school supply section of Dollar General for $2.50. One display will make two homework stations. You will cut the cardboard display in half. You could also use a cardboard box that is similar in size and cut it down.

Next we took our tri-fold board down to the Museum of Visual Materials and used their free recycled craft materials to decorate our board. The Museum of Visual Materials has open craft times where kids can create whatever they want with their supplies. The museum has whole walls of shelves filled with free recycled supplies. We used some punched circles that were cut from old greeting cards, silver foil tape, photos cut from magazines, ink stamps, and some markers to create our designs.

Let your kids go wild and decorate their homework station any way they want so that it will be a place they will enjoy. You can add some motivational quotes – if they will let you.

We also feel it is best to have a separate at home container with supplies especially for homework ready to go in one spot. This way kids don’t waste time looking for what they need to complete their homework. We used this plastic berry container we picked up at the Museum of Visual Materials and decorated it with a sticky back paper label we made with the Museum’s supplies. We recommend you include at least three sharpened pencils in your homework supply container. This way the “I can’t find a pencil” excuse won’t be an excuse anymore.

What is great about this homework station is that it can fold up and slip under or behind a couch so that it is out of sight but ready for the next time your child has homework.

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