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Bye, Bye Binky

Aug 25, 2013 10:09PM ● By Hood Magazine

Photo courtesy of Kristi Shanks Photography

By Amber Bruns, MS, BCBA 


Pacifiers, pacis, binkies. You either love them, hate them, or love them and then hate them. For those babies that come to love pacifiers, there comes a time to say good bye to the binky. This is when we begin to hate the binky. How are we going to get rid of the pacifier? The thought of our child screaming and crying simply because we’re taking away a little soother is difficult to bear. There are some strategies that can be tried to make the transition away from the pacifier much easier for everyone:


  • Involve your child in the departure of the binky. This can be done by making a celebration or farewell event for the binky. Tie balloons to the binky and watch it float off.
  •  Trade it in. Allow your child to trade in the binky for something else. It could be the binky for a replacement stuffed animal to sleep with or a big kid toy of their choosing.
  •  Change the binky’s value. Cut the tip of the pacifier.* In doing so, the pacifier no longer has the ability to be used to suck. It no longer provides the same soothing ability as it once did. The child should lose interest in it all on his/her own, simply because it no longer works as it once did.
  • Take advantage of mythical childhood characters like The Binky Fairy. She takes the binky and replaces it with something else. It voids the parents of any guilt by association for taking away the binky.

While the above strategies may not result in a blissful transition away from the pacifier, they may ease the transition. There is always the possibility that some babies will cry and cry, for minutes, hours, or even multiple days in a row. The key is staying committed to the plan and following through. You can do it! It never hurts to remind yourself that you’ve never seen a college student with a pacifier. Eventually, they will lose interest and say good bye to the binky!


*Be sure to safely monitor pacifier use after the tip is cut to ensure your child’s safety.