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Backyard Olympics!

07/15/2013 07:13PM ● By Publisher

Running around a baseball bat!

Making your own obstacle course can be a great summer boredom buster. Consider these great ideas to make your backyard obstacle course fun and entertaining.

Invite friends! Have them bring some supplies to add to your obstacles.

Include the kids in the creation process. This way they will learn how to make their own courses in the future.

Supervise the first few rounds and set up rules to avoid conflicts. A stopwatch can be fun for older kids, too!

Have drinks ready for participants, or add a water feature to help keep them cool and hydrated.

Encourage kids to cheer for each other - this helps prevent any unfriendly competitions.

Think of obstacles and how you can make them from items you have. Some examples are balance beams, tunnels, and hurdles to go over or under. Also think of what you have in your yard already. Swing sets can be used for multiple obstacles. Bouncing and kicking a ball through a certain obstacle and using chalk to draw hopscotch to jump through or lines to try to ride a bike on are great, too. Think of new ways to use hula hoops. jump ropes, 2x4's. pool noodles, water balloons...get creative!

Article provided by Kara's Creative Place Blog