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Kids Boundaries and Manners

Social Skills ages 5-12

K.B.A.M. is a learning group designed to help children understand body boundaries and personal space. If your child frequently displays disruptive behavior, talks excessively, interrupts, or invades others’ space, then this group may help! K.B.A.M. can help children improve their listening skills and display an increase in socially acceptable behaviors. The group will teach children basic safety measures and may prevent them from victimization. Even if your child is not displaying disruptive behavior, this group may serve to educate your child about manners and safety. GROUP GOALS: ▪ Anger Management ▪ Communication Skills ▪ Improved Social Skills ▪ Increase Appropriate Behavior ▪ Impulse Control ▪ Safety For Self And Others ▪ Improved Manners CHILDREN WILL LEARN THROUGH: Therapeutic games, art, discussion, encouragement and rewards. Parent education and feedback provided

Date & Time

Weekly on Wednesday

09/16/2015 through 11/11/2015

5:00PM - 6:00PM

More Info

Event Website

(605) 274-1700

Insurance and Medicaid cover

Ages 10+ Sioux Falls Hartford Baltic Canton Brandon Tea Harrisburg