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MoVM Summer Camp

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Summer Camp 2014

Please email MoVM for a registration form that will include times for desired class and age group.

Hand Building Pottery

Tuesday, June 10 –Thursday, June 12

We will be creating pinch pots, coil vessels and slab pottery out of clay. Students will learn the process of building, glazing and firing ceramics. They will also be learning the elements of art through texture, shape and line. Student’s work will be fired at end of week through Dakota Potters Supply.

$45 for three day class


Tuesday, June 17 – Thursday, June 19

Students will learn about painting techniques, various styles, materials and process Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday students will be able to creatively express themselves through an independent painting based on skills that were learned during previous two days.

$45 for three day


Tuesday, June 24 –Thursday, June 26

Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing through various techniques, composition, shading, contour drawings and reductive drawings. We will be doing drawing exercises, practicing techniques and a final project.

$35 for three day class

Building Beginners

Legos, Imagination Playground and Cardboard Creations

Tuesday, July 8 – Thursday, July 10

We will be working as a group and individually to create LEGO structures, oversized block forts and constructing buildings out of found objects and cardboard. Students will BUILD their self-confidence and BUILD their teamwork skills.

$35 for three day class

Jewelry Making

Monday, June 16

Create a matching bracelet, necklace and earrings with Ms. Gabe. Be stylish and proud of your accessories!

$10 per class

Creative Writing

Monday, June 16

Feeling expressive? Practice your creative writing skills with Mrs. Mager, LHS English teacher.

$10 per class

Create Magnet Boards

Monday, July 14

Need to get organize? Create a homemade magnet board that works great for your desk or locker!

$10 per class

Create Headbands

Monday, July 14

Create many styles of headbands in a variety of colors.

$10 per class

We look forward to having a fun, creative and educational summer!

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