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73rd Annual Sioux Falls El Riad Shrine Circus

George Carden Circus International is owned and produced by George Carden. He is the fifth generation in show business and has been in the circus business all of his life. He has acquired knowledge of all aspects of the operation from front to back. George's accomplishments in circus lighting, special effects and production are extraordinary. He is one of the largest producers of the Circus in North America. He has acquired this distinction through determination and hard work. He has been around the Circus all of his life. His father, Larry Carden, owned a Circus and George was able to acquire first hand knowledge of all aspects of the operation. He is an astute concession manager, has worked a cat act, presented camels and elephants, oversees the bleacher operation, has expertise in the promotion and advertising of Circus and can shift the gears of an 18-wheeler as smoothly as a professional trucker. He went out with his own Circus in 1981 and then purchased his father's Circus and integrated the two into an extremely successful business. To accommodate all of his business, three units were created. He has a beautiful Winter Quarters between Springfield and Willard, Missouri, where he houses his entire operation. A beautiful 20-acre farm, with large shops for building, painting and maintaining equipment, houses the many performing animals owned by the Circus. They also own and maintain 27 pieces of rolling equipment including tractors, trucks and trailers. However, Mr. Carden's pride and joy will always be his elephants. He currently owns ten elephants. The Circus travels over 40,000 miles each year in the United States and Canada. The season lasts 42 weeks, during which part of the time the Circus has two units on the road. Both of his sons work elephants in the Circus. George Carden Circus International offers the finest in family entertainment. They present a beautiful three-ring production which is fascinating to children of all ages.

Date & Time

April 27, 2014

5:00PM - 7:00PM

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