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Candlelight Walk

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Relax and enjoy a self-guided candlelit journey through the deep

woods of Newton Hills. ADVISORY: The walk is

approximately 2.2 miles in length traveling on paved roads

with vertical declines and inclines so please be prepared.

The trail will be solely lit up by candles and carved pumpkins.

We ask you not use your flashlight unless absolutely necessary

and keep your voices to a minimum. Along the way you will

encounter colorful characters from the past, a few musical

surprises and telescopes to see the evening sky.

Kids of all ages are encouraged to bring carved pumpkins to be

placed along the CandleLight Walk. Keep an eye out for your

pumpkin or the others that park staff carved earlier in the day.

We hope you have a good eye as some may be difficult to find!

If you need assistance during the walk, park employees will be

scattered along the trail tending to the candles. One hill along

the back stretch of the trail is rather steep. Park employees will

be nearby with a golf cart if you need help getting up the hill. If

needed, look for the golf cart dressed with glow sticks.

Take as long as you wish and enjoy the wonder of nature.

Enjoy your evening!