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Your Birth Doesn’t Have to Suck

A class on how to have a birth you’ll want to remember

We live in a culture surrounded by emergency horror show type birth stories - always ‘one-upping’ the next woman on the traumas of birth. But what if, instead, our stories started with “My birth was awesome!!” Sound crazy? It’s not! Friend, your birth does NOT have to suck. Join Renee, Paige and Ashley, local childbirth educators and authors of non-sucky birth stories, for a fun, informative event where you’ll learn how to have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for a birth you’ll *want* to remember! Want more details? Here's what will be covered: ~How to stay low risk during pregnancy (hint: this is important because it gives you more options during labor) ~How to choose the BEST care provider. They’re kind of a big deal. ~Learning how to be a consumer in your birth place. Yep, you’re actually paying your care provider and staff to assist you in your birth. Moneys are exchanged. You’re in control. ~How the way you give birth affects your life after birth. (hello breastfeeding and postpartum recovery!) Anyone interested in a healthy pregnancy and birth is welcome to attend, pregnant or not. Partners are encouraged to attend!


Date & Time

December 6, 2018


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