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Prepared Childbirth Breastfeeding Class

Preregistration Required

The Breastfeeding class is a one night class designed for those who are planning on breastfeeding as well as those who are undecided. Fathers/support persons are encouraged to attend. Topics covered include health benefits of breastmilk to mom and baby, tips for success, problem solving aspects, father's role, breast pumps, as well as returning to work and breastfeeding. This class is taught by a Certified Lactation Consultant. If you have questions about this class or about payment please contact the Childbirth Education Coordinator at 605-322-4481 or email at Who should attend: Parents who are planning to breastfeed and those making the decision about feeding options.

Date & Time

April 8, 2014

6:30PM - 8:30PM

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