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Mommies Matter: A Post Partum Support Group

Welcome moms! I am so pleased you are interested in this group. My name is Rachel Gangle, I will be facilitating this group. I am a clinical social worker, licensed for independent practice, and have been providing mental health services in our community for the last 5 years in individual and group therapy settings. I am experienced with several different evidence based practices (we all love our research!) and I am looking forward to incorporating this into our time together. This group will be a safe and judgment free place to come and receive education and support for post-partum blues and post-partum depression/anxiety. An interesting fact for those of you who love numbers-it is estimated nearly 75% of moms experience post-partum blues to some degree within the first 8 weeks of their babies’ lives so you are not alone. Your body has done something phenomenal (you made a beautiful baby!), so for some it takes time to re-adjust. This group will be a support for that readjustment time and will offer information about signs/symptoms of post-partum depression, discussion about how to cope, and the will offer the support of other moms who may be having similar experiences. We have so much to learn from each other -looking forward to meeting you all! Rachel Gangle, MSW, CSW-PIP, QMHP

Date & Time

November 18, 2017

3:00PM - 4:00PM

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