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Milk Monologues

Join Shelly (CLC) or Sarah if you are the mom of a non-mobile nursing baby. One of them will be available every week to help you with all things baby - from breastfeeding to diaper rash! You will have an opportunity to weigh your baby on our baby scale as well as connect with other nursing mamas. This support group meets every Wednesday at 1:00 pm. If you need one-on-one breastfeeding assistance from one of our Certified Lactation Counselors, please leave a message on our phone line 605-215-1889 and we will contact you to set up an individual consulting session at Educated Mommy, which is charged on a sliding scale.

Date & Time

Weekly on Wednesday

01/04/2017 through 12/27/2017

1:00PM - 2:00PM

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