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July/August 2018 Issue Out Now!

Be sure to grab your copy of our newest issue, out now! Click here to view the digital edition.

Martial Arts and Emotional Control

Physical activity is generally great for people's emotional states, but martial arts in particular encourages the kind of introspection and emotional control that can dramatically improve mental health.

The Importance of Chiropractic Care Throughout Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is, without a doubt, one of the most effective and safest ways to comfortably bring you and your baby through your pregnancy journey.

Now That Baby’s Here: Tips For Moms Returning to Exercise

New moms face a wealth of challenges, and one of the most common is how to return to an active, fitness-focused lifestyle once the bundle of joy has arrived.

Exercising During Pregnancy: What to Avoid and Embrace

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule can help you not only feel your best during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, but also bounce back after baby arrives! Exercising during pregnancy has all the same benefits of exercise outside of pregnancy, such as fighting fatigue, boosting moods, improving sleep and easing back and pelvic pain.

Mommy Gets Fit 2018

Our Mommy Gets Fit Winner is sharing her journey in this issue's cover story!

Mommy Gets Fit Update (Chelsea Q&A)

We check in with Chelsea VanLeur on her Mommy Gets Fit journey with Koko FitClub Sioux Falls.

Better Bargain: School Lunches or Home Made?

Can preparing your child's lunch save you money? Find out here!

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Planning for meals during pregnancy and after baby. Tips and tricks to keep your calories in check.

Meal Planning - Do I Have To?

How to make the most out of your time and groceries.