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Mommy Gets Fit Update (Chelsea Q&A)

We check in with Chelsea VanLeur on her Mommy Gets Fit journey with Koko FitClub Sioux Falls.

Better Bargain: School Lunches or Home Made?

Can preparing your child's lunch save you money? Find out here!

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Planning for meals during pregnancy and after baby. Tips and tricks to keep your calories in check.

Meal Planning - Do I Have To?

How to make the most out of your time and groceries.

Planning an Active Summer Without Overdoing it

How can parents plan a summer that’s restful, fun and healthy? First, decide what your priorities are for your child’s summer vacation

Healthy Snacks for On-the-Go Moms

The modern mother is constantly on the go, which can make staying healthy a challenge when hunger strikes. By having snacks prepared and available at a moment’s notice, it’ll be much easier to keep you and your family full and healthy.

Summer Activities can Lead to Summer Injuries

During the busy summer months, we try to squeeze in as much fun as possible. Especially outside fun, such as hiking, biking and camping! This can be a lot more activity than we are used to, after hibernating during the South Dakota winters.

Safe Sleep for Infants

Babies yet to reach their first birthdays need attention and love, especially when it comes to where they sleep and how to keep them as safe as possible.

Mommy Gets Fit 2018

Get to know our Mommy Gets Fit winner and catch up with her as she makes her way through this journey.

Hidden Vision Problems Can Interfere with Learning

How well your child sees throughout the school day can have a huge impact on academic performance and behavior in the classroom. Typically, most people mistakenly assume that since their child can see things in the distance that “of course” their child can see fine for reading.