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Lead the Way Through Play

Play is very serious business. As a matter of fact, it is an essential part of every child’s education. The best part of play is that it can be done anywhere: at home, at school, and even in places specifically designed for it, such as a park or museum.

July/August 2018 Issue Out Now!

Be sure to grab your copy of our newest issue, out now! Click here to view the digital edition.

Raising Sustainable Eggs

Eggs are a staple ingredient in so many of our favorite dishes, from protein-packed breakfasts to comforting chocolate chip cookies. South Dakota hens lay almost 700 million eggs a year to fill that spot in our refrigerators, but rarely do we stop to think about how they’re raised.

Free and Fun Fitness Goals for the Family

Spring has arrived, warm weather is finally here! For many of us, this is the time of year where we are the most excited to get outside and accomplish some of our fitness goals.

Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Tomes Family

Mike and Sarah live in Sioux Falls with their two children Mike Jr. and Kyla. They were nominated for the mattress giveaway by a close family friend.

Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Alhassan Family

The Alhassan family lives in Brandon. They’re a busy family facing some medical challenges with their son Jordan who is seven-years-old.

Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Scheff Family

The Scheff family from Montrose has been on a medical journey for the past eight years. As caretakers to their children, sleep is important for Justin and Jennifer.

Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Weideman Family

The Weideman family is from Sioux Falls. Curtis and Michelle have three children who are always thankful for what they have and that includes just having a place to sleep.

Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Whitney Family

The Whitney Family is from Sioux Falls. Jayson and Marilyn have five children and they say a new mattress is going to bring them just the relief they need. Their six-year-old daughter, Reese, was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer in 2013.

Must Sleep Mattress Giveaway Winner: The Worthley Family

Nicole Worthley is a single mom of three and lives in Sioux Falls. Nicole works hard to support her family and says she’s honored to a recipient of a new mattress from Beds by Design.