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Saving on Summer Camp Supplies

The season for summer camps is quickly approaching! Whether your child is attending a sleepaway camp or a day camp, the cost adds up quickly. This is especially true for those with multiple children attending camps

Creative Camps: More than Creating

What are your kids doing this summer? Camps are a wonderful way to focus the extra time and energy children have during the summer months on something creative.

Summer Camp and the Anxious Child

As a parent or caregiver, you can imagine and almost capture the summer bliss that your child might experience at summer camp. Clear blue skies during the day and bright twinkling stars at night. Smokey campfires crackling and blazing. Splashing and squealing in murky lakes or pools. There are also new friends and positive adult role models. The possibilities are abundant. Suddenly, you zap back to reality. Your elementary aged child often experiences anxiety, especially overnight without you. This could be a tough sell!

KSFY Morning Show: March Issue

We talked all about our March Summer Camp Issue.

In This Issue: March 2016

Annual Summer Camp Issue

KSFY Morning Show-March 2015

Steff and Nancy talking about the Summer Camp issue.

Finding the Right Camp for Your Family

Take this questionnaire to find out what camp is right for your family.

Is Your Child Ready for Camp

Sending your child to summer camp is a difficult decision on a variety of levels. There are a lot of different choices available, depending on your child’s interests and age.

Spring Window Mosaics

Make these no-mess mosaics with kids of all ages!

Special Needs Camp Questions

Here are a list of questions to ask when looking for a camp for your child who has special needs.