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What I Want to be When I Grow Up

As a young child you can probably remember the dreams you had about growing up and what you might one day become. From doctors, to lawyers and everything in between, seeing your child dream is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood. As parents and mentors we need to encourage our children to dream big and reach for the stars.

Sensory Strategies for a Sensational Summer!

SPRING! It's finally here! And so is spring fever. If your kids are anything like mine, they're mine, they're bouncing off the walls and coming up with way to get into mischief I didn't know existed.

Working Out with Your Kids

Workouts can be a family affair!

Stress and How Kids Handle It

How to help your child manage stress.

Healthy Habits for Kids and Social Media Use

Questions to ask/answer before your kids get involved with social media.

Folded Newspaper Seed Starting Pots

Make a seed starting pot out of folded newspaper that you can plant straight into the ground when spring comes. Recycled and biodegradable.

Meet the Scheier Family

Dawn Scheier isn't your typical farm wife, read on to see life from her point of view!

Soy Protein Berry Smoothie

A yummy and healthy smoothie that everyone will love!

Kids Grow Green Sioux Falls

A local green project!

Solar S’more Maker

Go Green” by using the power of the sun to cook your food!