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Folded Newspaper Seed Starting Pots

03/24/2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Make a seed starting pot out of folded newspaper that you can plant straight into the ground when spring comes. Recycled and biodegradable.

Meet the Scheier Family

03/20/2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Dawn Scheier isn't your typical farm wife, read on to see life from her point of view!

Soy Protein Berry Smoothie

03/20/2014 ● By Anonymous

A yummy and healthy smoothie that everyone will love!

Kids Grow Green Sioux Falls

03/19/2014 ● By Hood Magazine

A local green project!

Solar S’more Maker

03/19/2014 ● By Anonymous

Go Green” by using the power of the sun to cook your food!

Organic Savings: Additional Ways to Save

03/19/2014 ● By Hannah Steck

More ways to save when buying organic.

Modern Cloth Diapering

03/19/2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Cloth diapering from a local mom's experience.

Managing Student Loans

03/19/2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Consider these four questions when choosing the best student loan management option for your family.

Three Games in One: Marble Toss, Bowling and Number Matching

03/19/2014 ● By Anonymous

Marble Toss, Bowling and Number Matching

Growing Up Green – Gardening with Kids!

03/19/2014 ● By Hood Magazine

Looking for a new family activity? The benefits of gardening are numerous, especially for kids!