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Mini Ham and Cheese Egg Bakes

The perfect make ahead breakfast!

Homemade Waffles

The only waffle recipe you will ever need!

Hidden Vision Problems Can Interfere with Learning

How well your child sees throughout the school day can have a huge impact on academic performance and behavior in the classroom. Typically, most people mistakenly assume that since their child can see things in the distance that “of course” their child can see fine for reading.

Bourbon Glazed Chicken

A delicious dish to fix your dinner planning rut!

Soy Milk Hot Chocolate

Planning a gathering during the winter months? Creating your own hot chocolate bar is the perfect addition to your event.

Mommy Gets Fit 2018

Get to know our Mommy Gets Fit winner and catch up with her as she makes her way through this journey.

10 Ways to Promote Reading Skill Development

Children begin to learn reading skills long before they can actually read printed words. Babies as young as six weeks old can enjoy being read to and looking at pictures. Sometime between the ages of two and three children develop an awareness of printed letters and words.

Creative Ways to Learn on the Go

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in your vehicle? According to AAA, the average American spends approximately 300 hours in the car each year. Consider how much more valuable the time spent in our vehicles would be if we dedicated that time to learning on the go!

Looking for 'Hood Birthday Issue Photos!

Do you have a photo of your child celebrating their birthday? We'd love to see it!

KDLT News- Teacher of the Year

We stopped by KDLT News to introduce our teacher of the year!

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