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Lucky Mini Rockets

03/15/2015 12:00PM ● Published by Hood Magazine

Gallery: Lucky Mini Rockets [14 Images] Click any image to expand.


  • paper
  • markers
  • tape 
  • bendy straws
  • pencil

 Step 1: Decorate your paper. We decided to go with a lucky St. Patrick's theme.
 Step 2: Roll paper around a pencil and tape in place to secure. 
 Step 3: Remove roll from pencil and pinch one end of the rocket and seal closed with tape. 
 Step 4: Insert a bendy straw into the open end and blow to see your lucky rockets take flight.


Taking it further: Set up an indoor mini golf course using different items in your home as holes/targets. Keep track of how many rocket "blast offs" it takes to hit each target. Take turns and have kids write down each family member's score. This helps kids work on turn taking, counting, adding and writing.

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