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DIY No-Sew Capes

04/19/2014 11:53AM ● Published by Hood Magazine

Gallery: No-Sew Capes [4 Images] Click any image to expand.

By Kara Weber, Creative Ideas Director

What you need

  • Red t-shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • Scissors
  • Felt
  • Computer printout of Superman symbol
  • Craft glue


  1. Cut the front of your red t-shirt on the dotted lines shown here. Your cape will have a collar and arm rings.
  2. Print out the Superman symbol on paper. Cut around the symbol on red and yellow felt to make the Superman symbol.
  3. Use craft glue to glue pieces together. Then glue all pieces to the back of your cape.
  4. To complete your look, add your cape to a blue sweat suit with another felt symbol on the front. You could also add some red underwear and a yellow electrical tape waist band (optional).
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